Another Gold award for Phantoms or Physics!

A project based on the Science on Stage joint project “Phantoms or Physics” presented at the schools science conference in Algeciras , Spain, has  won 1st prize in the 16+ category, last 5th of June. Pupils presented the ideas and explained the physics behind them with great enthsuiasm and clarity. “It’s not magic , it’s physics you just don’t see!” The project will be presented at the international Science on Stage festival in Debrecen on Saturday, 1 July 9:00-9:20 in our Great Hall by Nuria Molina and Silvio Rademaker.

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2nd Prize at Diverciencia!

Spanish teacher Nuria Muñoz Molina and her pupils participated on 19 and 20 May at the 11th edition of Diverciencia in Algeciras. The group very well and managed to claim the second prize amongst a tough field of competition. Congratulations!

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Diverciencia is an annual science fair in Algeciras Spain celebrated in spring each year with approximately 1500 participants and 6000 visitors.