Phantoms or Physics is a secondary school project developed in collaboration between the schools La Inmaculada Algeciras (Spain) and Amadeus Lyceum Utrecht (The Netherlandsalgeciras utrecht).

The project was initiated at the Science on Stage Festival in London 2015 and will be continued on the oncoming festival in Debrecen, Hungary.

Be sure to visit our on stage presentation or our stand in the exposition! Our phantoms will love to spook the physicss out of you!

The goal of the project is to enthuse pupils to learn physics by investigating and reproducing “amazing” occurrences categorized as “spooky” or the devious work of phantoms.

Pupils will be guided into re-enacting impressive demonstrations  such as Peppers Ghost, The body less talking head, Cell phone Hologram, The witches’ boiling kettle, The haunted 14th Century cellar beneath the Tourist Information Centre in Coventry.

Hereafter pupils are invited to search the internet for smaller “amazing” phenomena, recreate them and supply a correct explanation according to current physics standards. Pupils are encouraged to make their own videos.

We believe the project is fun and challenges pupils to look at events with a critical and academic eye. The pupils take responsibility and pride in their own learning process and will never forget about the physics learned in this project. Evenmore we think this project delivers an open mind and critical thinking

Are we succeeding? Just ask the phantoms, when you see one below ……



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